Our diverse product protection solutions provide customers with high-quality, durable and versatile plastic caps, vinyl caps, hose protection, and masking solutions.

Plastic caps

Our plastic caps range includes threaded caps, non-threaded caps, pressure caps, and plugs for various industries, such as automotive, medical technology, industry and more.

Vinyl caps

Caplugs offers a diverse range of durable and flexible vinyl caps in various sizes, colours, and shapes, including round, square, rectangular, and pull-tab designs for easy removal.

Hose protection

With Caplugs hose protection solutions, you can protect hoses or cables from accidental damage, and prevent expensive downtime. Our range includes hose spirals, sleeves and wraps, and binding strips.


Caplugs offers standard and custom masking solutions, including rolls of tape, die-cut shapes, and an extensive range of caps and plugs. Designed to securely cover or protect your product during any finishing process, including painting, powder coating, anodising, plaiting, and e-coating.

USA product line

In addition to our EU product range, customers benefit from access to our USA product line, including tapered caps and plugs, which can be used as a cap or a plug, depending on the use case.


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