Dip moulding materials

Once the design and the product prototype have been approved, it is time to choose raw materials.

Caplugs specialises in plastisol dip coating and dip moulding. A plastisol is a dispersion of polyvinyl chloride (also known as vinyl or PVC) beads in a liquid plasticiser. When heated, the vinyl granules absorb the plasticiser, swell and merge into a liquid substance, which is similar to resin. The plastisol can then be coloured with pigment. Our standard colours are black, yellow, and red. Once the liquid cools to below 60°C (140°F), it hardens into a flexible rubbery cap.

Hardness or shore

PVC is incredibly versatile. It can be thick or thin, rigid or flexible, and made in virtually any colour. The amount of plasticiser used determines the hardness of the vinyl, with more plasticiser resulting in a more flexible plastic. The Shore A scale, which measures the PVC hardness, ranges from a flexible 40 Shore A to a rigid 95 Shore A.


Depending on the composition and the resulting product, plastisol can be dipped, sprayed, or cast. It can also be used as a liquid for screen printing. In addition to the plasticiser, other ingredients can be added to vinyl plastisol, such as heat and ultraviolet (UV) light stabilisers, flame retardants, and additives that affect the surface (matt/gloss).

Plastisol qualities

The qualities of vinyl plastisol make it a perfect material for product protection:

  • Electrical resistance – PVC does not conduct heat or electricity and is often used in the electrical industry as an insulator for power tools, sheaths, and connectors on wiring and rails.
  • Flame retardant – effective flame retardant with specially adapted properties according to UL94 / V0.
  • Grip – Vinyl feels pleasant and comfortable when gripped. It is used for tool handles, bicycle handlebars, and furniture.
  • Noise-reducing – soft, impact-resistant surface which reduces noise. Ideal for preventing squeaking sounds or rattling from metal to metal.
  • Chemical resistant – Plastisol’s resistance to alkali and acid makes it ideal for racks and tools exposed to chemicals.
  • Shockproof and abrasion-resistant – Plastisol is tough and long-lasting. Ideal for latches and pull handles.
  • Corrosion and UV radiation resistant – excellent for outdoor applications such as use on agricultural machinery.
  • Wide temperature range – Plastisol withstands temperatures from -50°C to +120°C.
  • Oil resistant – ideal for use in the oil and gas industry.

Colour and finish

Colouring plastisol is simple, allowing PVC to be customised in any colour. Caplugs offers a complete product range in the standard colours of red, yellow, and black, but can match an exact colour if required. Our standard finish of dip moulded products is high gloss, but semi-matt, matt, textured (foam), and fluorescent materials are also available on request.

Now the raw materials have been determined, and the product properties are clear, the next step is the vinyl dip moulding production.