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Caplugs is a manufacturing powerhouse with two facilities based in Holland and Belgium to serve Europe and 10 manufacturing locations across the globe.

Caplugs facilities are operational – read our COVID-19 update

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All vinyl products are non-phthalate

Weldalloy Hose Guard

Protective wrapping for hydraulic hoses, fittings and more

The best quality and service with the widest offering of products and capabilities.

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In a quick 30 minute meeting our product experts can give you an overview of our products and capabilities. To thank you for your time, we will send you a Yeti travel mug.

To Speak with Our Vinyl Experts

 Vinyl Dip Molding Facility:

-Nieuwe Waterweg 10 5347 Js Oss (NL)

Extrusion Facility:

-Chemin preuscamp 18, 7822 Meslin L’Evêque (BE)

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