Vinyl flat pull-tab caps – black


A vinyl cap with a flat pull-tab for easy removal

The VFC vinyl pull-tab caps have a long, flat grip. This ergonomic design allows for easy removal by hand without tools. They are designed for use in various industries and applications, including in the automotive industry, for hydraulic systems, and for temporary protection of components.

  • Made of high-quality vinyl, ensuring the vinyl cap fits tightly over the components it is designed to protect.
  • The cap features a flat grip on the top, facilitating easy removal by hand without the need for specialised tools.
  • These vinyl pull-tab caps provide excellent protection against damage caused by contamination and moisture.
  • Service temperature from -32 to 176°C (-26 to 350°F).
  • The robust vinyl material produces a cap that does not split, tear, or crack.
  • The vinyl pull tabs are as transport protection and as covers for painting and coating operations.
  • In manufacturing, the tabs protect machine parts and prevent dust or moisture contamination.
  • In the construction industry, vinyl pull-tab caps can be used as rod end caps to protect from rust or damage.
  • Used in the furniture manufacturing industry as protective covers for metal furniture legs, preventing damage to flooring.
  • Standard colour is black.

Note: The VFC series caps are available in various hardnesses, lengths, wall thicknesses, and colours. We also offer pad printing to apply logos, names, or instructions to the caps. Available in Flex500™ high-temperature vinyl.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: mm

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