Square vinyl caps

The Caplugs range of durable and flexible square vinyl caps protects vital components against damage caused by dust, moisture, and inadvertent blows. Vinyl caps are used in various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, and automotive.

Our vinyl caps are made to the highest quality standard with precision manufacturing, resulting in a tight fit while making them easy to install and remove. Our standard range of square vinyl caps is available in various sizes, colours, and specifications, with other options available on request.

For enquiries or to request a quotation of products from the vinyl caps range, please get in touch with us.

Applications and use cases

Electronics manufacturing: The square vinyl caps are used to cover connectors and terminals in electronic devices.

Automotive: Protect exposed threads or terminals during assembly or maintenance.

Furniture manufacturing: Protect the ends of square rods or tubes with these vinyl caps.

Metal manufacturing: The vinyl caps enhance worker safety by covering the sharp edges of square metal components to prevent injuries.

Manufacturing: Used to provide protection for rods, tubes, or other components.

Construction: The square vinyl caps are essential tools on construction sites to protect exposed ends of mental rods or bars from environmental factors.

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