Packaging and netting

Plastic packaging for product protection

Caplugs offers a comprehensive range of packaging and netting solutions to protect finished products during transit, storage, and handling. These solutions, which include netting, tubing, and various protective caps and plugs, ensure that products remain in pristine condition from the manufacturing facility to their final destination.

Caplugs caters to a wide range of industry needs with products like the SCP Series Shipping cap protectors and the STP Series Shallow tube plugs for packaging tubes.

Showing the versatility of Caplug’s catalogue are products such as the CBW Series Cut Bottle-Web™ netting, CSV Series Container square vial, CSW Series Cut Sleeve-Web™ netting, and more.

The ability of Caplugs to offer specialised design is shown by products such as the CSWF Series Sleeve-Web™ instrument guards for medical tools and the CVC Series Hinged containers.

The plastic packaging and netting products are made from durable and reliable materials that protect products in various conditions.

Industries and use cases:

Manufacturing: Reliable packaging and netting solutions for companies that require precision in their finishing processes.

Retail: Plastic packaging and netting solutions are essential to ensure that products reach retail locations.

Medical: With products like the Sleeve-Web™ instrument guards, Caplugs offers specialised solutions for the medical industry.

Electronics: Electronic components often require specialised packaging solutions to protect delicate parts during transit.