Plastic Caps

Plastic caps and plugs protect products from accidental damage and contamination during manufacturing, finishing, shipping, storage, and installation. Our range of plastic caps and plugs includes threaded caps, non-threaded caps, pipe caps and plugs, pressure caps, and service plugs, and are available in various shapes and colours to suit your needs.


Applications and use cases

Electronics manufacturing: Ideal for safeguarding connectors, terminals, and other sensitive electronic components during assembly, shipping, or storage.

Automotive: Protect various automotive components from potential contamination or accidental damage during the manufacturing process.

Furniture manufacturing: Use these plastic caps to shield non-threaded joints and components during production, assembly, and shipping.

Industrial equipment: Essential for covering and protecting exposed parts of machinery or equipment during manufacturing, maintenance, or transit.

Gas and oil: Make it easy to open and close a closed circuit while still ensuring that the seal is reliable and safe.

Aerospace: Benefit from Caplugsdecades of experience in meeting the exceptional geometries and materials requirements to protect electronics and precision mechanics in the aerospace sector.

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Threaded Caps

Non-Threaded Caps

Pressure Caps