Protective plastic caps

Plastic caps for product protection

Caplugs has a comprehensive range of plastic caps designed to prevent damage, contamination, and wear and tear of products and components. The caps are available in threaded and non-threaded versions, and are protect products during masking and finishing, shipping and storage.

Caplugs caters to a wide range of industry needs with products like the EC Series caps for threaded or smooth connectors and the EPN-240 Series recessed pipe caps.

The diverse product range includes products such as the T Series of tapered body caps/plugs, the TV Series of flexible injection-moulded vinyl caps/plugs, and the W Series wide-flanged caps/plugs.

In the specialised design product range, Caplugs offers, for example, the WW Series with a wide, thick flange, the WWX series with an extra-wide, thick flange, and the AS138 Series electrical connector dust caps.

The plastic caps are made with robust and durable materials that cope well even in challenging conditions. Suitable for use during production, masking, shipping, or storage, the plastic caps can be used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and aerospace.

Industries and use cases:

Manufacturing: The plastic caps are essential for companies that require precision in their finishing processes.

Automotive: Precision-made plastic caps protect vehicle components during finishing.

Electronics: Electronic components often require specialised masking solutions to protect delicate parts during coating.

Aerospace: Aircraft components demand meticulous attention to detail, and these protective plastic caps ensure they are coated without any flaws.


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