Custom products and dip moulding

In addition to our standard catalogue products, Caplugs offers customers the option of ordering customised dip-moulded caps and plugs for optimised product protection. Using the product to be protected, Caplugs engineers design and create aluminium moulds in the specific shape required. Dip moulding technology is used to make the vinyl protection component for your product. There are a number of options available for the finish of the vinyl caps and plugs.

Prototype and design

The first step in the custom dip moulding process is the creation of a prototype for your product.
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Once the design and the product prototype have been approved, the selection of raw materials (vinyl/plastisol) is made. In this stage, the customer can determine the product’s flexibility, colour, and any additional properties.
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After the customer has selected the material, production begins using dip moulding technology.
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When the dip moulding process is complete, the products can be finished as required, including punching and cutting. The products are then packed in accordance with customer requirements.
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In addition to dip moulding, it is possible to print a logo or user instructions on custom product protection components.
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