Safe-Spiral bio hose protection wraps

A bio-based plastic hose protection guard with wear indicator

A pioneering bio-based plastic hose protection guard that seamlessly blends functionality with sustainability. Made from plastics derived from sugarcane, this spiral hose wrap is ideal for environmentally friendly companies in the agricultural, construction, transportation, and manufacturing sectors, to protect machinery hoses hydraulic system hoses, or production lines hoses from mechanical wear and accidental damage.

  • Made from long-lasting bio-based polyethylene (PE) which is sourced from sugarcane.
  • Double extrusion process ensures quality and durability.
  • Carbon-neutral production due to the binding of carbon dioxide during sugarcane growth, offsetting carbon emissions during manufacturing.
  • Colour combination of black exterior and green inner core provides a wear indicator. As the exterior is worn down by abrasions, harsh impacts, and other external forces, the green core is revealed, signalling that maintenance or replacement is needed.
  • Each batch is produced post-order, ensuring freshness and adherence to quality standards.
  • Ideal for eco-focused enterprises seeking sustainable solutions without compromising on performance.
  • Given its bio-based composition, it is appropriate for agricultural settings, protecting machinery hoses from wear and tear.
  • In construction sites, where machinery hoses are exposed to rough conditions, these hose protection spirals offer protection while emphasizing eco-friendliness.
  • For use in the transportation industry as hydraulic hose protector wraps.
  • Used in production facilities as hose tubing to protect from mechanical wear and tear.
  • Available only in coils.
  • Standard colour is black (with green interior).

Note: Safe-Spiral bio hose guards are not a stock item and are produced post-order.

  • Material: Bio-based polyethylene (PE)
  • Colour: Black exterior with green interior
  • Dimensions: Outer diameters (OD) available from 16mm to 110mm

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