Protective plugs

Plastic plugs for product protection

Caplugs has an extensive range of protective plugs to secure, protect and mask your parts during finishing, shipping, and storage. The plastic plugs, threaded an unthreaded, are carefully made to suit various applications, ensuring that the components they cover are not damaged, contaminated, or suffer from excessive wear and tear.

The extensive range includes products like the P Series plastic threaded plugs for pipe fittings and the RPO-M Series threaded plugs.

The Caplugs product range is incredibly versatile, and includes products such the ADP Series for flareless tube and hose assemblies, AFO Series for flat-faced O-ring hydraulic fittings, and non-threaded options such as the T Series tapered body plugs.

Specialised design for more unusual product protection needs is also a strength of Caplugs, for example the WWX Series with an extra-wide, thick flange, and the EPN-305 Series push-in protectors.

Made with robust and durable materials that cope well even in challenging conditions, the plastic plugs are suitable for use during production, finishing, shipping, or storage. The plastic plugs can be used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and aerospace.



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