Caplugs serves customers in a wide range of industries and applications. From pipe and flange protection to electronics and electrostatic discharge (ESD) to the compressed gas industry, Caplugs has tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Caplugs caters to a wide range of industry needs with offerings like the CAB Series Cable ties and the VAS Series Vinyl ASA flange covers.

Demonstrating the versatility of the Caplugs range are products tailored for pipe & flange protection, electronics, and the compressed gas industry.

For more unusual applications, Caplugs offers specialised design products such as the VC Series BlackRound Vinyl Caps, CC Series Flange covers, and the EPN-305 Series Push-in protectors.

Industries and applications:

Pipe & flange protection: Using solutions like the VC Series BlackRound Vinyl Caps and the CC Series Flange covers.

Electronics protection: Using products like the AS138 Series Electrical connector dust caps and the C Series Straight-sided utility caps.

Compressed Gas: Using products like the Series Cylinder valve threaded caps and the MOC Series Mobile oxygen caps.

Pipe & Flange