Q: Can I order free samples?
A: Yes, of course. It is recommended to order samples before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

Q: How many samples can I order?
A: You can order 2-3 samples of each part so you can test size, material, or colour. A larger supply can be sent if you’re using the samples for prototyping.

Q: How long will it take to get my samples?
A: All standard sample requests are processed within 24 hours (one business day).


Q: Can you provide customised product protection solutions?
A: Of course. Please call the team, and a technical engineers will gladly assist you. The vast tooling library holds thousands of moulds that may fit your needs. Should you need tooling built to fit your specific needs, a design engineer will be assigned to your account to work with you from design and prototyping, through production and packaging.

Q: Can I alter existing parts?
A: Yes, of course. You can customise parts with a name or logo.


Q: Can you colour match?
A: Yes. The Caplugs engineers can assist you in finding the perfect colour.

Q: Can I order parts in a different colour?
A:  There are different standard colours depending on the part. Contact the sales team for assistance if the colour you need is not listed in our catalogue.

What is the best material and colour for outdoor use?
A: Black vinyl with a UV additive is ideal for outdoor use. For low density polyethylene (LDPE), it is recommended to use black for outdoor applications as this colour offers resistance to ultraviolet rays, as it acts as a natural ultraviolet (UV) stabiliser with 2% carbon-loading. Please get in touch with the technical sales department for this type of application, as there may be other options, depending on the climate where the product will be used.


Q: What materials are available?
A: Caplugs products are available in low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene, flex temp, vinyl, Flex500, paper, silicone rubber, aluminium, conductive, and static dissipative materials. Not all Caplugs shapes are available in each material. Please consult our catalogue to find out which materials are available for the capor plug you need, or contact our team.

Q: What is the heat range of Caplugs products?
A: Low density polyethylene is rated up to 65.5°C (150°F); Aluminium is rated up to 343°F (650°F). Caplugs offers various materials in between these ratings. Contact our technical sales department for more detailed information.