Plastic pressure Caps

Plastic caps for protection from pressure in various applications

Caplugs provides a wide range of plastic pressure caps for use in industries such as oil and gas, automotive, marine, and agriculture. Designed to handle various pressure levels, and offering resistance against wear and tear, these pressure caps comply with a number of standards, including ISO228 and DIN 2999.

An extensive range of pressure caps in various sizes, colours, and specifications is available at Caplugs’. Due to the high quality and precision manufacturing of our plastic pressure caps, a tight fit can be ensured while making them easy to install and remove.

For enquiries or to request a quotation of products from the pressure caps range, please get in touch with us.

Applications and Industries:

Oil and gas: In the extraction and refining processes, these plastic caps protect components from the intense pressure variations typical in this industry.

Automotive: During the manufacturing and testing of vehicles, the pressure caps ensure that parts exposed to pressure, like hydraulic systems, remain intact.

Marine: For underwater equipment and tools, these plastic caps protect against the pressure of deep-sea environments.

Construction: To protect the components of heavy machinery and equipment used in construction, especially during transportation or when not in use.

Agriculture: These plastic pressure caps can protect components from pressure changes in irrigation systems and machinery.

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