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Caplugs has been a key part of our customers’ operations for over 75 years. Our commitment to innovative protective products, informed by a deep understanding of various industries, underpins our success. Our design expertise, manufacturing precision, and reliable performance ensure our market leadership. The principles and partnerships we’ve built will continue to be our foundation.

One Stop for Product Protection Excellence.

Caplugs combine advanced materials, customer collaboration and complete commitment to quality and choice. Our ever-growing portfolio is specifically developed to keep your components shielded from environmental threats, mechanical stess, and operational wear.

From precision-fit caps for ultra-sensitive electronics, to heavy-duty hose guards for the thoughest conditions on earth, Caplugs ensure your proudction processes and product performance remain resilient. Now and in the future!


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Masking Plugs

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Whether you need pipe end caps for water or radiator pipes, plastic hose protection wraps, threaded caps, or plastic plugs – contact us to receive free samples of our high-quality, versatile protective products.

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Caplugs delivers precision-engineered protective solutions including caps, plugs, and masking products for enhanced durability in industrial applications.