Pull-tab vinyl caps

Caplugs offers an extensive range of durable and flexible vinyl caps with pull-tabs for easy application and removal. These vinyl caps protect against dust, moisture, and unintentional damage. The pull-tab ensures quick and hassle-free removal, making them perfect for temporary protection during operations requiring frequent access. Ideal for use in various industries, including manufacturing, electronics, and automotive.

The high quality and precision manufacturing of Caplugs’ vinyl caps ensures a tight fit while making them easy to install and remove. A standard range of round vinyl caps is available in various sizes, colours, and specifications, with other variations available on request.

For enquiries or to request a quotation of products from the vinyl caps range, please get in touch with us.

Applications and use Cases

Temporary Protection: These vinyl caps can temporarily protect components during manufacturing, assembly, or shipping processes.

End Caps: Suitable for tubes, rods, and other elongated structures, offering protection against external elements.

Painting and Coating: The vinyl caps act as a shield during painting or coating processes to prevent substances from covering certain areas.

Hydraulic Systems: Protects hydraulic fittings and components from contaminants.

Automotive: In the automotive sector, the pull-tab caps are used to protect parts during transportation or assembly.

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