Pad printing

With pad printing, also known as tampography or tampo printing, you can make your product stand out with your company name or logo. Or perhaps you would like to print user instructions on the product, such as a warning or the direction to turn. Pad printing is also available on Caplugs dip moulded products.

How does pad printing work?

This printing method can add printed text or logos to almost any surface or shape of dip moulded products. The artwork is applied to a plastic-coated metal plate (also called a cliché) using a photographic process. The cliché is then coated with ink, and a silicone pressure pad transfers the design to the vinyl product.

Advantages of tampo printing

Tampo printing has numerous advantages. The technique is not tied to the shape of the product, and because of the elasticity of the stamp, it is possible to print on various shapes. This technique is used, for example, to print on the protective sleeves used on the handle of ball valves.

Pad printing colours

Logos are generally printed in one colour, but printing more complex logos with several colours is available on request. As a new printing plate has to be created for each colour, this is more expensive than a single-colour print.

If you would like a print on your product, send us your digital file to enable the creation of a printing plate.