Rectangular vinyl round-end finishing caps – yellow


A vinyl finishing cap and grip with a rounded end

The VVR Series vinyl caps have a flat, rounded end, making them suitable for use as handle grips, paint shields, end caps, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) covers. The vinyl caps are used in various industries and applications, including in the construction, electronics, and automotive industries, as well as in hydraulic systems.

  • Made of high-quality vinyl, a flexible and durable material.
  • These vinyl caps are easy to slip on and off, and have a tight fit when applied.
  • The caps can withstand temperatures ranging from -32 to 176°C (-26 to 350°F).
  • In the construction industry, vinyl caps are used as end caps to protect metal rods and tubes from damage and prevent workplace injuries.
  • The vinyl caps are used in the electronics industry to shield connectors or wire ends from dust and moisture, and to protect from electrostatic discharge.
  • These caps can be used in the automotive industry to protect vital components during manufacturing or repair.
  • The vinyl caps serve as protective covers for small electronic devices or components in the consumer electronics industry.
  • Standard colour is yellow.

Note: This product is available in additional colours on request.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Dimensions: mm

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