Die cut products

Caplugs Europe offers a comprehensive range of die cuts, including metric and imperial masking discs, doughnuts, squares, and other common shapes, for masking products or components during the finishing process. These precision masking solutions ensure that products are protected during painting, powder coating, anodising, plating, and e-coating processes. The die cuts are available in various materials, including vinyl, aluminium foil, glass cloth, crepe paper, polymide, lead foil, and polyester, catering to different industrial needs.

In addition to safeguarding products during surface finishing, die cuts can also be used to protect bar codes, serial numbers, or other identifying marks during the manufacturing or finishing process. The high-temperature masking discs are suitable for use at extreme temperatures for longer periods. Whether you need green masking discs, red identification arrows, or wishbone discs for easy removal, we have the perfect solution for your needs.

As a leader in precision masking solutions, Caplugs boasts an extensive range of standard masking products and in-house custom capabilities. The custom range includes unique sizes and shapes, die cuts with tabs for easier removal, and printed alignment marks for simplified installation. With manufacturing facilities across Europe and beyond, Caplugs ensures reduced lead times and punctual delivery.

Explore the full range of masking products and die cuts below. Contact our team for additional information or to order samples.