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Find a wide range of metric and imperial sized masking discs, donuts, squares and other common shapes from Caplugs.

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Die Cut Masking

Discs, Shapes and Die Cut Tapes

Our broad range of die cuts are designed to securely mask your product during any finishing process, including painting, powder coating, anodising, plating and e-coating. In addition to protection during the surface finishing process, standard or custom shapes can be used to protect bar codes, serial numbers or other identifying marks during your process. Caplugs also offers die cut masking shapes with a tab allowing for easier and faster removal or with printed alignment marks to ease installation.

Need a unique size or shape? Contact our team and speak with an expert to learn more about our custom die-cutting processes.

Explore the full range of masking products and die cuts below and learn more or request samples.

Tapes, Die-Cuts and Custom Solutions for Finishing Processes

Caplugs offers an extensive catalog of masking parts, tapes and die-cuts. In addition to our in-stock and ready-to-ship catalog solutions, we are experts in developing custom masking solutions. Learn more about how we can help improve the speed and quality of your finishing work or help save on labor and materials with our catalog and custom masking parts.