Vinyl pull-tab caps – black


A vinyl cap with a pull-tab for easy removal

The EZ series is a range of vinyl pull-tab caps with an extra-long tab centred at the top of the closure, which enables easy removal without tools. They are used in various industries and applications, including in the automotive industry, for hydraulic systems, and temporary protection of components.

  • Made of high-quality vinyl, a flexible and robust material.
  • The material flexibility ensures that the protective cap fits securely over the component, accommodating minor size variance.
  • The extra-long pull-tab makes the vinyl tab particularly easy to remove.
  • The vinyl pull-tab caps provide temporary protection to shield components during manufacturing, assembly, or shipping.
  • Service temperature from -32 to 176°C (-26 to 350°F).
  • Suitable for use as rod end caps, pipe end caps, or tube end caps to protect components from external damage.
  • The vinyl caps can be used as a masking cap to protect specific areas during the painting or coating process.
  • Offers protection to hydraulic fittings and components.
  • In the automotive sector, vinyl pull-tab caps are essential tools to prevent damage to parts, especially during transportation and assembly.
  • Standard colour is black.

Note: This product is available in additional colours on request.

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: mm

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