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Caplugs Europe gives customers across the continent access to the complete Caplugs catalogue of products for the first time, delivering more product protection, masking and packaging solutions than ever before. Caplugs offers an incredible range of parts, including:

  • Tapered caps and plugs
  • Metric threaded parts
  • Masking tapes and die cuts
  • Pipe & flange protectors
  • Extruded plastic tubing
  • Packaging & Plastic netting
  • Oil & gas thread protectors
  • Hydraulic line protection
  • Single-use labware products

Download the extended product selection guide to see some of the full product lines available from Caplugs. Get more information on size options or request a free sample of any product by calling +31 73 643 02 88 or by emailing info.eu@caplugs.com.

Packaging & Netting

Need to secure your finished product from your facility to end users or retailers? Caplugs offers a full line of tubing, packaging and netting solutions to protect and even retail your products.  

More Product Protection

Caplugs offers many different lines of product protection for users, including edge liners, cable ties and much more. 


Caplugs parts are used in countless applications and settings, from pipe and flange protection to compressed gas, electronics and more.