Caplugs Learning Centre

In the Caplugs Learning Centre, you can find more information on our full range of manufacturing capabilities and product lines. Browse frequently asked questions, read about the experiences of other customers in our Case studies section, or view helpful tutorial videos. The Caplugs Learning Centre is here to help you find the product protection solution that you need.

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About Caplugs
As featured on the ION Network ‘World’s Greatest Company’ TV feature

Do I need a cap or a plug?
The key considerations when choosing caps or plugs for your application

The benefits of vinyl
The main advantages of choosing vinyl parts for product protection

Custom moulding
Reasons to choose Caplugs for your custom product protection solution

100 different cap and plug materials to choose from – which one is right for you?

Custom product protection solutions
Learn more about custom protection and masking devices

How standard and custom masking solutions help Caplugs customers improve productivity and product quality

Medical solutions
Find out about Caplugs’ plastic protection capabilities for the medical industry

Pipe, flange, and valve thread protection
Thread protection for pipes, flanges, and valves