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Pig’s Tail Rail – Hydraulic Hose Spiral Wrap for the Rail Industry

Pig's Tail RAIL

Pig’s Tail Rail is a specialized new proprietary product line of hydraulic hose spiral wrap that is specifically designed to meet the harsh working conditions and stringent requirements of the railroad industry. 


Pig’s Tail Rail is a highly modified polypropylene alloy compound meeting V-0 flame retardancy requirements and certified to EN 45545-2 requirements. This spiral wrap provides heavy-duty protection for hydraulic lines and pneumatic hoses in rail industry work, preventing impact damage and reducing wear, extending the usable life of critical connections. The product fulfills the fire protection requirements R22 and R23 for the hazard level HL2. In addition to its high flame retardancy, Pig’s Tail Rail is halogen free and has extremely good balance of mechanical properties making it suitable for use in railway work settings, in addition to offshore oil and gas applications.

Pig’s Tail Rail also meets ISO 4589-2 and ISO 5659-2 standards.

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